Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I could barely bring myself to get out of bed this morning - today is going to be tough!

Wish I could just stay there for a few more hours!

Its clinical

I write this after a tough day.

A tough week.

A tough few weeks actually.

Typing this may make me teary, I need to get it out and accept it. Acceptance and recognition is the hardest part right?

I feel I may have depression.

So many people raise an eyebrow when the subject of depression is raised - mental health in general is such a taboo subject, but why?

People with depression are still normal people, they're not "constantly miserable" like many people think!

I'll be going to the Dr's just as soon as I pluck up the courage - admitting defeat and asking for help is a big step for me.

I've had an overwhelming sense of sadness for the last two days, today especially and I feel like I'm drowning.

It's been ongoing for a long long time and now I feel I can't cope!

My grandad is terribly ill, it's A case of making the most of the time we have with him now. I've never lost a grandparent before.

I feel like a failure at work, I can't seem to do it, my brain isn't good enough - the maths I've had to try and get my head around today is simple - or at least it should be? What's wrong with me?

It's starting to affect my relationship - he's the most incredible man on the planet an he deserves better!

Anyway, I realise this post has no flow, it's all over the place - a bit like me really!

Maybe the Dr can recommend some exercises that'll help or something?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Today is a strange day, I feel weird. 

I looked in the mirror this morning and hated what I saw, as usual... but something was different. Usually I can make myself look at least a little bit presentable, but not today. No matter how much make-up I used I couldn't cover this ugly face. I couldn't cover those posts, those dark circles, those imperfections. I don't know what else to do. 

I feel fat. Beyond fat. Nothing fits. I changed 3 times and still hated what I saw. 

When will this end? 

I know it's all me. I know that my weight is all down to me and that I am the only one who can do anything about it. So why can't I stir up that will power and bloody diet properly? Why do I seem to go back to the crappy food EVERY SINGLE TIME? I don't get it. I know that I won't be doing myself any good when I eat it, I know that I'm not making myself loose any weight, yet I still eat nothing but rubbish. 

It's weird, I hate my body enough to have every kind of plastic surgery under the sun, yet I can't find the hate inside me to just eat properly? I blame it on expense, that I can't afford all of those vegetables etc. but that's just an excuse. Why don't I go out for a walk each evening? Instead I lie on the sofa being miserable, wishing it would all just magically disappear. 

Why can't I make myself happy? Nothing is wrong in my life... apart from the fact that I'm obese and that I have no money... other than that everything is peachy, or so it should be? There are millions of people who are worse of than me - why can't I just sort myself out? 

Is this depression?

I needed to vent - I can't speak about this with anyone!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder if they actually care, if they're actually bothered about what I think. Do I really annoy them like I think I do? Do they actually like me? 

This sounds ridiculous, I know... I'm well aware of how insecure this makes me seem. Unfortunately these are questions which pass through my mind regularly. These thoughts aren't helped by the constant headache I have, especially today -- the person I sit next to at work has the loudest voice in history and seems to shout even when he's trying not to. Not sure how that works, but it's making my achy head a million times worse! 

My wonderment's, are stupid... honestly, I know they are. I just feel so lonely, ever so lonely! 

Don't get me wrong, I have people around me, a fantastic boyfriend and I do have friends..

The only problem is, my friends only speak to me when I contact them... it never seems to be the other way round, which is where the question: "Do they actually like me", came from. It makes sense noh
I feel like a bit of a spare part, like I'm in the way and it's almost a chore that they have to come and see me. Just because I've moved a 15 minute drive down the road, it suddenly means that they don't ever invite me to events, I hear about "Drinks with the girls" or "BBQ's with the gang" on FaceBook, and wonder what I could have possibly done to warrant being ignored. 
I know, I know, you're probably thinking "well, if you weren't such a miserable, moany cow... " - the thing is, I have a pretty good wall, through which -- none of these feelings can be seen. I tend to put up a pretty darn good front and remain happy and bouncy and my "usual" self around everybody. That's the reason I had to start this blog, to keep the negativeness away from my main blog -- the one which revolves around beauty routines, food and anything else which I think people in that type of community might like to read.
It's also here to act as a diary, a journal, whatever you want to call it. I'd rather type than write pages and pages out in a notepad (as I've mentioned before). I also don't trust that the diary wouldn't be found and read by my friends...

This is so stupid! I think I'll get back to work and try to ignore the humongous pain in my forehead... it's right above the eyebrows, my frowning doesn't seem to be helping it either haha! Hopefully the above vent will help me feel better for today. Maybe not though... 

Thanks for listening

"Anonymous" A.K.A: Katie Starling

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I've started this blog...

To share my problems, the ones that I can't seem to share with anybody else...

I'm not sure why, I feel lonely... 

People will think I'm being silly, that "she has everything, why is she moaning?". But that's just it, I'm not sure what I'm feeling and I needed some kind of outlet so that it doesn't start to affect my daily goings on.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a normal girl. I'm sure normal girls feel like this often, I'm not bipolar or anything close. I just need a space for me to write my thoughts.

I hate faffing with pens, although my handwriting is good, it gets tedious after a while. I prefer to type.

I don't really have the time to write my full story this evening -- trust me, it's looonnnngggggg and I'm sure everyone with find it totally boring. But I will -- I'll explain soon. 

Welcome to "My Dear Diary Writes", let's get this journey started! 

All I can do is be me: Whatever that is...